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Mayor Erin Mendenhall

Salt Lake City Mayor |

Erin Mendenhall was sworn in as the 36th Mayor of Salt Lake City on January 6, 2020. Prior to
being elected Mayor, Erin represented District 5 on the City Council for six years, including one
year as its chair. She is the first mayor in Salt Lake City history to have been publicly elected
from the City Council.
As Mayor, Erin is working hard to make Salt Lake City more environmentally and economically
resilient, and to take advantage of the region’s historic period of economic opportunity. She is
determined to ensure every Salt Laker — no matter their neighborhood, economic or housing
status, faith, race, or sexual or gender identity — can access all the city has to offer. Erin’s love
for the extraordinary people of Salt Lake City drives an unrelenting commitment to bringing
people from different walks of life together in pursuit of results for the entire city.

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